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Because of the flock of seagulls in the corn field: the main thing about the emergency landing of the liner “Ural Airlines” in the suburbs

All 226 passengers and seven crew members remained alive.

Emergency landing in Zhukovsky airplane  Photo by the Ministry of Emergencies in the Moscow region

On the morning of August 15 passenger aircraft Airbus A321 “Ural Airlines” crash landed in a cornfield in the suburbs. Pilots made this decision after several gulls hit one of the engines. All passengers and crew remained alive. The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case to confirm whether the emergency landing was justified.

Seagulls in engines and landing without chassis “on the belly” in the field

Flight 178 flew from Moscow Zhukovsky Airport to Simferopol, most likelyat 6:10 local time. On board were seven crew members and 226 passengers, among whom were children. Initially, the data on the number of people on board did not coincide: the transport prosecutor’s office reported five crew members, and RIA Novosti reported that 234 people were in the cabin.

When the plane broke away from the runway and began to gain height, he collided with a flock of seagulls. The birds got into the engines. The co-pilot George Murzin told Telegram channel 112, which reports about the incidents, that the left engine first died out and then the right one: “There was not enough thrust. Height gradually fell. ” The Ministry of Transport indicated that the abnormal situation “led to significant interruptions” in the operation of the engines, but the airline clarified that the engines basically “refused”.

Passengers noticed that something was wrong with the plane. “Something flashed, and then the smell of smoke” – led Baza words of one of the people on board. Another passenger, Fyodor Galin, told Mash that the plane began to “shake hard” about five seconds after takeoff. According to him, another five seconds later, in the right part of the passenger compartment, “lamps began to blink” and “burning smells”.

The aviation rules allow that A321 pilots could return to the airport and burn fuel (the laws strictly regulate its discharge, paragraph 3.3 of the FAP). This would be done in order to maintain maximum landing mass and a safe fit. But there was no such opportunity, so the pilots decided to urgently land the plane and did it “jewelry”, Kommersant emphasized . Jet fuel spilled .

The liner commander Damir Yusupov landed the plane with the landing gear “on the belly” in a corn field – three to five kilometers from Zhukovsky airport. When landing from the ship “three meters” the burning engine fell off . According to the Ministry of Emergencies, the fire was extinguished.

“No panic” evacuation and no casualties

There are no casualties among people on board. According to the Ministry of Health, 23 people were hospitalized, including nine children. The pregnant woman was released after the examination. The department specified to RIA Novosti that people were taken to Ramenskoye Central Hospital with minor injuries and in satisfactory condition. However, one victim is in a moderate state. The Ministry of Transport, however, noted that one passenger was diagnosed with a collarbone fracture, the other a compression fracture of the spine.

In social networks there were videos shot by eyewitnesses after an emergency landing. They claim that the evacuation of the inflatable ramps went without panic.

At the same time, passengers searched for lost relatives, shouting their names, and then made their way to the road through a corn field. Those who did not need hospitalization were taken to the airport terminal by bus.

Crew Awards and Criminal Case for Emergency Landing

The Ministry of Health emphasized that serious injuries to passengers were avoided “due to the professionalism of pilots and crew members.” Ural Airlines also praised the crew and “their coordinated actions.”

The Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region, Yevgeny Kuyvashev, noted the“fantastic skill and endurance” of the team, in particular, the pilot-Yekaterinburg Damir Yusupov. The head of the region promised to present the crew for awards.

  • Ural Airlines suspended the plane from flying due to significant damage, and also promised to “use all reserves” to send passengers to their destinations. According to the management, a new board is being prepared for the passengers of the flight. Flight schedule is being rebuilt;
  • The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on “violation of traffic safety rules and the operation of air transport” (Article 263 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The commission joined the investigation with the participation of the Federal Air Transport Agency. The prosecutor’s office began checking;
  • “Black boxes”, speech and parametric, were not affected, therefore they intend to decipher them;
  • AlfaStrakhovanie, where the board is insured and liability to passengers, told Kommersant that each person will receive up to 2 million rubles (this is the maximum payment under the Air Code). The amount for the hull is still unknown.
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