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Twitter top manager: introducing the tweet editing function is a priority task of the company

At the same time, he thinks that someday the social network will still be allowed to edit tweets.

Twitter is not planning on adding tweet editing features in the near future. This was told by product manager Kayvon Beykpour at a press conference in San Francisco.

To be honest, I think that someday we should add this function. But now she is not even close to the list of the company’s main priorities.

Cayvon Bakpur

Twitter Product Manager

The top manager emphasized that there are obvious risk factors associated with the tweet editing feature. But he believes that sooner or later the company will make a function that will correct typos or specify what the user wanted to write.

The tweet editing button is one of the most popular user requests. Back in 2013, the leadership of the social network announced that it would allow making changes to tweets. In 2015, the director of product Twitter said that in the near future the company is not going to introduce such a function.

In 2016, users again asked about the possibility of editing posts, but the head of the company did not say anything new . At the beginning of 2019, Dorsey talked about how tweet editing could work, but he kept silent about the possible date the feature was introduced.

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