Niagara Falls will be painted in the colors of the flag of Tatarstan on Republic Day

The backlight will be changed at the request of the Tatars living in Canada.

What a waterfall in the colors of the flag of Tatarstan might look like from Instagram @montrealtatar

On August 30, the illumination of Niagara Falls in Canada will be changedto the colors of the flag of Tatarstan – green, white and red. Thus, the Canadian Tatars decided to congratulate their native republic. This is stated on the website of the Kazan City Hall.

As he has told the head of the Tatar community groups in Montreal Marat Salakhutdinov to change the lighting had to go to Niagara Falls administration. The application was approved in less than a week.

This year, we, the Canadian Tatars, really wanted to celebrate the day of Tatarstan. On behalf of our community, we wrote a statement to the Niagara Falls administration asking August 30 to paint it in the colors of the flag. Fortunately for us, not even a week had passed before they called us back and said that our request was approved.

Marat Salakhutdinov

Team Leader for the Tatar Community in Montreal

The Tatar community in Montreal promised to broadcast a waterfall in the colors of the flag of Tatarstan on Republic Day. The live broadcast will begin at 22:00 Canadian time, you can see it on the Instagram account of the community.

Niagara Falls is painted annually in honor of various holidays and events. The lighting was changed on Valentine’s Day, US Independence Day, and during the Earth Hour the waterfall was left unlit.

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