Media: US aviation authorities banned the transport of certain MacBook Pro models in 2015 due to battery overheating

The ban was introduced after Apple announced the recall of some laptops due to a possible battery fire.

The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has banned the transport of some 2015 MacBook Pro notebook models on the plane. This was reported by The Hill newspaper, citing a statement from the regulator.

This decision was made after Apple’s June statement on the recall of part of the MacBook Pro laptops that were available for sale in 2015-2017, due to a possible battery fire. The FAA said it was “aware of the recall of batteries that were used on some Apple laptops,” and notified major US airlines.

The management reminded the airlines that, according to the 2016 safety rules, devices containing batteries recalled by the manufacturer cannot be carried on aircraft.

On June 21, Apple recalled part of the 15-inch MacBook Pro notebooks with Retina displays due to the risk of overheating and battery fire. Through a special form on the company’s website, you can find out if the laptop is on this list.

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