Accused of killing people in New Zealand mosques wrote a letter to Russia. It found calls for arms

The authorities acknowledged the fact of sending the letter and stated that this should not be repeated.

Brenton Tarrant, who is accused of killing 51 people in New Zealand mosques, wrote from prison a letter to Russia to a man named Alan. Photos of the letter dated July 4 appeared on August 13 on the 4chan image board, New Zealand authorities confirmed the correspondence to the Associated Press.

Brenton Tarrant Letter Page Photo 

Most of the letter is about a trip to Russia that Tarrant made in 2015. Tarrant thanks Alan for the postage stamps, which he obviously sent, saying that they are the only two pieces of color in the gray cell, and adds that he will have to hide them from the guards.

The text also contains a warning to the “great conflict”, and uses expressions that can be interpreted as a call to prepare for it. Tarrant quotes Plato and other thinkers as a source of inspiration and says that he cannot tell in detail about his views, since the guards can confiscate the letter.

Correctional Affairs Minister Calvin Davis spoke out against allowing Tarrant to be sent letters.

I made it clear that this should not be repeated.

Kelvin davis Minister of Corrections New Zealand

On March 15, a man with guns attacked two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. He burst inside and fired – 51 people became victims of the terrorist attack, another 48 people were injured. 28-year-old Brandon Tarrant was arrested shortly after the attack, he faces life imprisonment.

On April 12, New Zealand introduced a ban on the circulation of assault and semi-automatic rifles, as well as their ammunition. On April 15, six people were brought to court in New Zealand for distributing a video of a terrorist attack in a mosque by Tarrant.

Shooting in New Zealand as the most documented attack in the history of social networks 

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