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Valentina Shevchenko is ready to enter the battle against Sehudo and become the UFC inter-gender champion

UFC champion Valentina Shevchenko is ready to enter the ring against the current champion of promotion in the lightest and lightest weight categories Henry Sehudo.

Now I have two potential rivals to defend the title. This is Kathleen Chukagyan and Henry Sehudo … When I saw his video, she laughed. This is ridiculous.

I thought he would at least congratulate me on my victory … You need to be careful with your desires. He is a gold hunter, but I can make sure that he loses all his fortune.

I do not know if he is serious, but he was persistent. I’m not afraid of anyone. After the last fight, I said that I was ready for any opponent.

Valentina Shevchenko

Recall that last weekend hosted the first ever UFC tournament in Uruguay. His main event was the second fight of Valentina Shevchenko as the champion in flyweight. The athlete from Kyrgyzstan won the unanimous decision of the judges Liz Karmush and retained the title, confirming at the same time the status of one of the main stars of mixed martial arts.

Another famous MMA fighter, Henry Sehudo, could not get past Shevchenko’s success. The holder of two champion belts in the lightest men’s weight categories challenged Shevchenko to a duel to play with her the title of “inter-gender world champion”.

So, I enjoy a wonderful Sunday in the beautiful city of Las Vegas, and my phone is popping about a certain Valentina Shevchenko, nicknamed Pul, supposedly she is the most successful champion on the planet. And you know what? I’m somehow envious. She has gold. I want this gold! Valentina Shevchenko, I have something to tell you. I intend to become the first inter-gender champion in the world. I challenge you. Maybe you’re the next one to kneel before the Triple Champion

Henry Sehudo

We can talk about a possible fight for the title of “inter-gender world champion” for a long time, its real organization rests on several obstacles. First, Sehudo performs in lightweight and four kilograms heavier than Shevchenko. For a duel to be held on an equal footing, it is not enough for them to perform in one category – a girl is better to have more weight. From this point of view, Sehudo would be more logical to meet with Amanda Nunes. She has already defeated all the main contenders, for which UFC fighter Max Griffin recently advised her to start fighting with men.

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