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The head of the Chechen parliament was suspected of influencing a judge. In the video, the referee was seized by the hand and taken to the stands

“Akhmat” called Daudov’s contact with the judge “normal”, and the accusations “fantasy.”

The head of the Chechen parliament and the president of Akhmat, Magomed Daudov, were suspected of influencing the referee of the match between Akhmat and Spartak. A video shot by a fan appeared on the network, where a person similar to Daudov grabbed the chief referee Aleksei Sukhoi by the hand and with him went into the tribune room. This happened after the meeting. The audience shouted after them “Come on” and applauded – among the supporters there were also stewards.

The user saw in Daudov’s actions “an attempt to physically influence the match official”. According to the rules of the RFU, for such a violation, a participant can be suspended for a period of 3 to 6 matches and impose a fine. Daudov also had no right to visit the sub-tribune premises.

Akhmat’s press service told the Championship that Daudov simply shook hands with the chief referee and discussed the outcome of the match with him. The club called the contact between the head of parliament and the judge “normal.” According to Akhmat, if there were violations at the stadium, they would have been included in the report following the results of the match.

After the game “Akhmat” – “Spartak”, the president of the club, Magomed Daudov, shook hands with the chief referee, Alexei Sukhoi, they exchanged a few sentences about the match and went to the side room. 
Akhmat press office

The match was held on August 11. In the second half, the judge in two minutes showed the Akhmat striker Ablai Mbeng a yellow and red card. Match commentator Nobel Arustamyan noted that Daudov emotionally reacted to the removal and showed the judge a finger gesture.

After that, in the 82nd minute of the game over the speakerphone of the stadium there was a cry “judge – goat!”. The authors of the Mutko vs Telegram channel suggested that President Magomed Daudov shouted into the microphone. After the match, the club’s press service announced that Rizvan Edilsultanov, an employee of Akhmat Arena, had offended the judge, after which he was fired.

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