The first channel dropped to third place on TV channel views for July 2019. NTV overtook him

The leader was Russia 1.

Mediascope has published statistics on the most popular TV channels for July 2019. The first place went to Russia 1 (a share of 12.3%, a rating of 1.73%), the second to NTV (a share of 10.3%, a rating of 1.46%), and the third to Channel One (a share of 10.1%, rating 1.43%).

The audience share is the number of TV channel viewers in relation to everyone who had the TV turned on during the measurement. The rating shows the percentage of TV channel viewers to all residents of large cities (more than 100 thousand people).

According to NTV, the channel confidently ranked second in weekly viewings. These are the first studies confirming its popularity on television for the entire week.

In May 2019, the Film Distributor’s Bulletin announced financial problems on Channel One. RBC said that the television company will receive 2.5 billion state subsidies in 2019. The funds will be spent on the production and purchase of various content.

According to the analytic company PwC, this is not enough to support the channel. According to a report published by Kommersant, Channel One needs subsidies of 6.5 billion rubles between 2018 and 2021 and 5 billion rubles annually from 2022 to 2025.

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