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Hong Kong Airport for the second day in a row cancels flights due to a protest: its participants blocked the entrance to the building

The protesters were approached by the head of the Hong Kong administration.

All flights from Hong Kong International Airport on the second day were canceled due to another protest rally that filled the airport terminal. According to The Guardian, rally participants gather here for the fifth day in a row.

The airport was already forced to cancel all flights the day before: a mass protest rally began after Chinese officials rallied “terrorism”, and authorities in Hong Kong showed water cannons to fight the crowd.

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Proud of you Hongkonger. Thank you young guys.🙏

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Chinese state media also showed videos showing armored personnel carriers and aircraft carriers allegedly traveling to Shenzhen, bordering Hong Kong.

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Feeling how the disruption to business as usual in this city right now is also having a positive impact: a rising of connection. Witnessing demonstrators and tourists chatting, business people and students talking. While there’s frustration and disagreement too, there is dialogue. I noticed on my flight back to Hong Kong today how the disruption of the delay led to people engaging with each other. During the 17 hour wait for our flight to take off, strangers became friends.. it didn’t matter who was in business or economy, we were all stuck! Tempers did fray and people were tired, but over all I could feel a rising of goodness – a feeling of humanity – within the disruption. I don’t see this being portrayed in the mainstream news, which seems to be focused on sharing fear and blame. So I wanted to share here to give another perspective. There is a charge in the air in this city, an aliveness I haven’t witnessed before here. I believe and I hope it can be channeled into constructive force for change 🙏🌎🇭🇰 . . . #hongkong #demonstrations #hongkongprotests #people #connection #humanity

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The head of the Hong Kong administration, Carrie Lam, said it could take a long time to rebuild the city. She insisted that the authorities are still able to cope with the situation, CNN reports .

The use or justification of violence will push Hong Kong onto the path of no return, immerse Hong Kong society in a very alarming and dangerous situation.

Think about it, look at our city, at our house – do you all really want to see how it is pushed into the abyss?
Carrie LamHead of Hong Kong Administration

Since early June, protests have been staged in Hong Kong because of amendments that allow the Hong Kong authorities to transfer prisoners and suspects to China, Macau and Taiwan.

On June 15, the Hong Kong administration decided to suspend consideration of amendments to the extradition law after mass protests in the city, but they continued. Residents demand a complete abolition of the bill.

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