Trades: The worst examples of interior design and architectural solutions

Sinks in the closet, a rooftop playground and a toilet in the mirror room.

Twitter user @SJSchauer invited her subscribers to share photos of the worst interiors and architectural designs they saw. She herself laid out the image of the door above the stairs.
Replay the worst interior design / architectural photos you have

Users began sharing photos of stairs leading to nowhere, bathtubs in the middle of bedrooms, toilets in unexpected places, strange layouts of bathrooms and crazy kitchens.

TJ gives a part of the thread. To see the whole, click on the first tweet.

This house is nightmare

Easy to clean

Sink in the house I rented 2 years

This is a toilet in the cinema. I had to push the trash

Open bathroom

Not sure if this house is beautiful or insane. Depends on the room. Yes, all photos were taken in one house. You can buy it for 300 thousand dollars

Reminiscent of the Winchester House. Probably designed to distract ghosts killed from the Winchester rifle

I think that I will win only thanks to the kringe factor. (It’s me. I was waiting for the opportunity to present this masterpiece of design. Enjoy)

This is the bathroom in the house I wanted to buy. The whole floor was like that

I love the toilet slide

At my university

Look straight into the eyes to defend your superiority

Literally the house that I rented. Stairs to nowhere

I have more

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