TikTok owners launch Toutiao Search with integrated censorship in China

Previously, Google abandoned such an initiative.

ByteDance Ltd., which owns the TikTok service, has launched the Toutiao Search search engine. According to Bloomberg, the search engine is based on Toutiao, a ByteDance news app.

Toutiao Search filters search results in accordance with Chinese Internet censorship laws. For example, on a request for Hong Kong protests, he provides links to pro-Beijing news sources. Search queries related to June 4, the anniversary of the events in Tiananmen Square, provide links to publications criticizing the 1989 protests.

There is no advertising in the search engine, however, in the search results, the results of the ByteDance news service are preferred.

A similar search engine for the Chinese market, taking into account local laws, tried to launch Google. However, company employees doubted the prospects of the initiative. Amnesty Internetional activists opposed the search engine with censorship , later some Google employees also supported them . In July 2019, Google’s Vice President of Government and Public Affairs, Karan Bhatia, officially announced that the company had curtailed its work on the Dragonfly search engine.

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