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Russian volleyball players won a ticket to the Olympics 2020

The Russian men's volleyball team won a ticket to the Tokyo Summer Olympics.

Wards Tuomas Sammelvuo won the qualifying tournament in St. Petersburg, having won three victories over the teams of Mexico, Cuba and Iran. At the same time, the hosts of the competitions did not concede to the rivals a single set. In the match of the third round of the competition, they confidently beat the Iranian team 3-0. Previously, the women’s team of Russia has already qualified.

Russian men’s volleyball team qualified for the 2020 Olympics

The main thing is that we solved the problem and achieved the result. Now it’s difficult to analyze the game, and it’s not necessary. I did not want to get into the second selection, it was important to solve the problem now. We solved it with both teams

Alexander YaremenkoSecretary General of the All-Russian Volleyball Federation

The most productive player in the match of the third round was the diagonal Viktor Poletaev, who brought the Russian team 19 points. Yegor Klyuk scored 11 points, 9 – Dmitry Volkov.

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