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Russian team won the PUBG Cup of Nations

The Russian team won the PUBG World Cup, ahead of the Koreans in front of an entire stadium of their fans.

The Russian team won first place at the PUBG Nations Cup, held in Korea. Roman “Adouz1e” Zinoviev, Dmitry “Kemba7” Rozhkov, Arseniy “ceh9” Ivanovichev and Ivan “ubah” Kapustin scored 127 points and won the tournament. For the victory they will receive 100 thousand dollars.

Korean e-sportsmen finished second – 122 points, and Canadians closed the top three – 106 points.

Our team, like the rest of the European teams, had a hard time. First you had to adapt to the tournament. Our four finished the first map in the penultimate place, but by the end of the game day they were able to rectify the situation: they won and went to third place.

True, for two gaming days, Russia remained in the group of pursuers along with Canada, Vietnam and other Asian teams. Everyone decided the final rounds: one victory, second place and 20 kills for two cards. The Koreans lost heart and allowed to reduce the gap before the last round to two points.

As a result, the Russian team met in the final with the Korean team. PUBG fans can call the game of the Russian team incredible, and the final result is a real miracle. All thanks to the right tactical decisions. It was they who allowed the cybersportsmen from Russia to choose the strategically correct movements that paid off. And the shooting, of course, did not disappoint. 78 killings – the second result after South Korea (79) by a wide margin. Ivan “ubah” Kapustin with 35 points in the final round overtook even Cha “Pio” Syung Hung, who led the most part of the tournament in the individual standings of snipers by a wide margin.

The impossible is possible. Russian e-sportsmen surprised the whole world and deservedly take home the title of world champions and $ 100,000.

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