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In Massachusetts, a street sign was stolen three times on Old Town Road. The authorities gave up and stopped putting a new one

They are waiting for the popularity of the track Lil Nas X to decline.

Signpost on Old Town Road photo Google Maps

In Wellsley, Mass., They stole a sign three times pointing to Old Town Road. The authorities decided to wait until the popularity of the track of the same name Lil Nas X decreases, and then return the pointer to the place. This was reported by local media.

Wellsley, a spokeswoman for the Public Works Office, said the road sign is located on a small residential street. Instead of stealing the sign itself with the inscription “Old Town Road”, hooligans stole it along with a pillar on which another sign hangs.

Replacing two signs and a pillar cost the city $ 300 (about 20 thousand rubles). The authorities have already spent $ 1,000 (about 65 thousand rubles), not taking into account the cost of the installation of signs.

“We hope that the publicity of the problem will help people realize that this prank is expensive for the city. The lack of a sign can interfere with the first response services, which need to quickly find the street if an accident occurs. We hope that fans of the song will leave our mark alone, ” saidStephanie Hawkinson, a spokeswoman for the city’s Public Works Office, to Boston.

After the sign was replaced three times, the city authorities decided to surrender. “The road department will wait until the song’s popularity drops. We hope that after this the theft of signs will stop, ”said Hawkinson.

«Old Town Road» for 18 weeks, holding the first place on the Billboard Hot 100 – June 30th track broke the record for the length of time in the first place on the charts. Lil Nas X is constantly releasing remixes of the song to maintain interest in her.

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