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In Grozny, a “referee-goat” shouted at the Akhmat game over the speakerphone. For this, a stadium press officer was fired

Insults followed the removal of a home team player and another decision of the referee in favor of Spartak.

A cry at the match “Akhmat” – “Spartak”. 
Fragment from the broadcast “Match TV”

In Grozny, at a match between the local Akhmat and Spartak Moscow, a man on the platform shouted into the microphone: “Judge is a goat.” The episode was broadcast on the TV channel “Match Premier”, his recording appeared on YouTube. In the official review of the meeting, this fragment is not.

The scream was preceded by a brawl involving players from both teams. At the 76th minute, Akhmat striker Ablai Mbeng played one goal (the score was 1: 3) and a minute later received a warning for a skirmish with Spartak defender Georgy Jikiya. Already in the 78th minute, referee Aleksey Sukhoi showed Mbeng a red card, deleting him for another violation against Jikia.

The stadium whistled not only this, but also Sukhoi’s following decision: in the 80th minute, the judge showed a yellow card to Akhmat player Bernard Beriche. The football player reacted emotionally, losing the ball over the field line.

In response to the announcement of the announcer about the decision of the judge, the fans made a rumble. Then, in the 82nd minute, someone offended the referee through a microphone. The match ended with the score 1: 3 in favor of Spartak.

The Akhmat press service told Sport Express that the stadium press officer was insulted by Rizvan Edilsultanov, a stadium press officer. He was removed from his post, representatives of the club added.

When Mbeng was removed, he [Edilsultanov] entered the announcer, picked up the microphone and shouted at the emotions “Judge is a goat”. We were told that this employee was fired.

Akhmat FC Press Office

The Match TV commentator on the air noted the similarity of the insult to the phrase “You are a corrupt judge, you goat,” but did not name her author. So in March 2013, the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, addressed the arbiter Mikhail Vilkov through an announcer’s microphone.

Kadyrov’s cry at the match “Terek” – “Ruby” in 2013

In 2013, the Russian Football Union fined Terek (the former name of Akhmat) for 100 thousand rubles and ordered the team to hold the next home match on a neutral field. Kadyrov admitted that he “could not restrain himself and gave vent to emotions,” and apologized to the football community. However, the head of Chechnya refused to apologize to the arbitrator and said that he “earned the name“ corrupt ”.”

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