RIA Novosti: Huawei is discussing cooperation with Yandex. The company wants to install “Alice” on their smartphones

The parties also discuss the use of Yandex services in the field of music, news and taxi.

Huawei and Yandex are discussing the possibility of installing the voice assistant “Alice” in the smartphones of the Chinese company. About this RIA “Novosti” saidvice president of Huawei CBG Alex Chang.

We have smartphones, speakers, tablets, and all these devices must have a voice assistant. We look forward to a good partnership. We are negotiating. So far, technical details on how to combine this with our smartphones.

Alex chang

vice president of Huawei CBG

Chang emphasized that the introduction of voice assistant is not the only area of ​​cooperation. He said that companies are discussing joint work in many areas, including the introduction of services in the field of news, taxis, music and others. Huawei vice president also said that negotiations are still ongoing.

On August 9, Huawei revealed its own Harmony OS operating system. It will be used in various devices of the company from sensors to smartphones. Its distinction will be modular distribution: the company will produce individual subspecies of the operating system depending on the device. Harmony OS will be distributed under an open license.

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