Marvel rated 18+: Corridor Digital shows a brutal version of the movie universe

Film makers remade several scenes using computer graphics.

The Corridor Digital YouTube channel team has added blood and cruelty to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They completely remade scenes from the beginning of Captain America: Civil War using computer graphics.

First, the team changed the scene of Captain America’s attack: now his shield does not fly away from opponents, stunning them, but cuts people in half. To do this, I had to wipe part of the original scene and insert a 3D copy of one of the enemies with virtual blood inside the model.

The Scarlet Witch in the 18+ version does not just paralyze the enemy, but releases blood from him with the help of super powers. To do this, the authors used a 3D simulation of the liquid, which was superimposed on the original.

In addition, in the scene of the Falcon landing, he does not just throw away opponents, but cuts off his heads with wings. And the enemy, whom the Captain throws back with a machine, breaks his legs.

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