Walmart began tidying up violent video game ads after mass shooting in the United States. Weapons still sold in stores

Earlier, Donald Trump assigned some of the responsibility for mass shooting to video games.

The Walmart retail chain has begun tearing down violent video game ads from the shelves. According to Kotaku, stores remove all images of games with violent content and aggressive behavior.

Walmart introduced new rules after two shooting incidents in their store. The management also canceled any promotions related to shooting or fighting games and demanded that all demonstration films and videos containing cruelty be turned off.

Reporters also noted that despite these requirements, Walmart continues to sell various weapons. In a conversation with USA Today, network spokesman Randy Hargrove said that despite the incident, the store does not plan to change policies on the issue of arms proliferation.

On July 30, in South Haven, an unidentified man killed two store employees and injured a police officer. After that, on August 3, in El Paso, a man staged a mass shooting, which killed 22 people and injured another 24. Another incident occurred on August 3 in Dayton. Two out of three incidents occurred in Walmart stores.

After the tragedy, U.S. President Donald Trump blamed some of the blame for the incident on video games. He stated that they were to blame for the spread of violence and cruelty in society. This led to a fall in the shares of large American gaming companies.

Trump again linked video games to mass shootings in the United States. Against were the developers, the media and social networks 

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