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Users from Russia constantly write “genius” Kojima on Instagram. Until he published the poster of the movie “T-34”

Now the game designer is reproached for bad taste. Prior to this, the picture was criticized by BadComedian.

Japanese game designer Hideo Kojima is a genius. In any case, so say the Russian-speaking users of social networks, a few years ago that turned thephrase into a meme. He is called the “best Tatar” in the world, they make photo-toads and constantly ironize the genius of the creator of the Metal Gear series.

Most noticeable is the people’s love for Kojima in his personal instagram. Dozens of Russian-language comments are typed under any game designer’s post, where a joke about “genius” is played out in various variations. In this case, English-speaking and Japanese-language replicas are many times less.

On Instagram, Kojima not only shares the footage of his new game Death Stranding, but also reports on the films he has watched and the music he has listened to. Among them there are also Russians, for example, Ilya Naishuller’s Hardcore. But on August 8, Kojima shared the poster for the movie “T-34.” And Russian fans decided that the genius of the game designer was over.

Under the post, there were more than a thousand comments in the spirit of “you were a genius for me, but now – goodbye.” Judging by another published poster, Kojima got acquainted with the version of the T-34 for Japanese hire. Some commentators suggested translating the BadComedian video into Japanese for the game designer: in May, a blogger criticized the film with Alexander Petrov in the title role.

“T-34” was released in Russian hire in January 2019 and collected more than 2 billion rubles. The film has a fairly average rating on Kinopoisk – 6.6 out of 10. In the review, BadComedian went on for the unreliability of the picture and plot problems: during World War II, the Germans capture a skilled Russian tanker, but then give him a command and a tank to help him train tankmen in Germany.

Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky spoke outagainst those who found the film “too Hollywood”: “I have not heard a single response from film critics about“ Saving Private Ryan “, which has never been in history, a fantasy of 100%, but cool done, with full American patriotism. And we, therefore, should not show ourselves? ”

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