The Guardian: Amazon’s smart speakers are being assembled by Chinese students. They are forced to work at night and overtime

The company promised to deal with processing, but the work of schoolchildren is supported.

In China, Amazon Alexa uses the work of schoolchildren to produce smart speakers with Amazon Alexa voice assistant. This was written by The Guardian with reference to documents from Foxconn, which manufactures Amazon devices, and information from plant workers.

According to the publication, children were forced to work overtime and at night, in violation of Chinese labor laws.

Adolescents recruited at schools and technical colleges in Hengyang City and its environs were trainees in the workplace. At the factory, they were accompanied by teachers who were asked to encourage students for overtime work.

Several hundred students between the ages of 16 and 18 were hired to fulfill the production plan during peak hours. Some worked here for more than two months.

Foxconn admitted that the students worked in violation of the law and said it would take immediate action to rectify the situation.

We have tightened control over internship programs with partner schools so that under no circumstances do interns have to work overtime or at night.

foxconn statement

At the same time, the company approves of attracting schoolchildren to work, arguing that this will help them gain practical skills, as well as simplify their further employment.

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