Monetochka released a song in support of the fight against forest fires and promised to donate all the earnings from the track

“Burn, burn, my country. Do not carcass, oh, do not carcass, do not carcass. “

Monetochka Official art for the release of the track

Singer Monetochka released the song “Burn Burn Burn” in support of the fight against the problem of forest fires in Russia. She promised to transfer all the money earned from listening to the track on streaming services to the Greenpeace charity program.

News of forest fires in Russia is appearing less and less in the feed, but the problem does not go away, and today, August 9, a peak of forest burnability has been recorded – only 7% of the burning area is extinguished.

It is necessary to deal with this problem not only with urgent measures, but also with preventive work all year round. Volunteer forest firefighters help to talk about fires to children and adults and extinguish foci in the early stages, for which there is not enough money to train and work.


Greenpeace declares that it will send the donated money to the salaries of the regional coordinators who create the volunteer teams and to the purchase of fire equipment. A detailed estimate has been published on the site of such affairs, to which Monetochka refers .

It is still not known exactly how much Monetochka will donate. She promises to report to listeners at least after the appearance of the first data on streaming auditions. While the track is available only on VKontakte, but on August 16 it will appear on other sites.


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