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Meme: An adhesive tape that “solves” all problems

In social networks, any problems - from violence to depression - are solved using ineffective methods.

At the end of July and the beginning of August, a meme with a man spread on social networks, which seals a hole in a huge water tank with a black adhesive tape. The joke is used to show how making meaningless decisions “helps” to cope with a problem.

The frames for the meme were taken from the Flex Seal commercial , which manufactures a variety of products for gluing objects. The Flex Tape video was uploaded to YouTube at the end of 2017, but it gained popularity six months later after a review by blogger JonTron. He ridiculed the strength of the tape, which, according to the manufacturer, can be used to seal holes in the boat.

JonTron movie

In 2018, two quotes from Phil Swift’s face are “ I Sawed This Boat In Half! “(” I cut this boat in half! “) And” That’s a Lotta Damage! “(” A lot of damage! “) – turned into memes. However, the template with sealing the water tank began to be used on Reddit only at the end of July 2019.

The meme illustrates how the hero of the joke in the person of Phil Swift tries to solve the problem in an irrational or useless way that clearly does not correspond to the situation.

Society / Male Depression / Be a Man

Second-rate horror / cheap special effects, lay actors, limited budget / boobs

Society / men who talk about being raped / “It’s impossible”

Depression, Stress, Anxiety / Grass, Masturbation, Metal, Memes

America of the 1920s / economy collapses / jazz

Politicians and Media / Violence and Shooting / “Damn Video Games to Blame”

Women / Loneliness / Cats

Black Knight / 
Cut Off 
Hand / “It’s Just a Scratch” (a reference to the 
scene from the movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”)

The template also managed to gain popularity and go public in VKontakte. Some users moved away from the original meaning of the joke and turned the meme into a more abstract one.

PS Template.

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