Art: Drop breaking concrete

And other “architectural illusions” on a solid wall.

Artists from the Yekaterinburg team Spektr depicted waves from a falling drop of water on the wall of the Omsk Penguin basin. The work was called “Concrete Echo”.

It became part of a large architectural series, which the team began to implement at the Stenograffia festival also in Omsk in 2017. Artists defined the genre as mockutecture in their own term.

Drawing objects is only the first stage at which the architectural utopia is realized, the dreams of the architect that were not realized earlier are embodied. 
The implementation of the second stage is also supposed – dystopia. At the second stage, the objects of the moctuture will begin to age; stickers, announcements or graffiti may appear on them.

Spektr team

Yekaterinburg – “Serozmennaya Group”, 2018

Tomsk – “Four planes at different angles”, 2017

Omsk Nine Prisms, 2017

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