Apple commented on the case against itself due to claims against Kaspersky Safe Kids: the developer did not comply with the recommendations

The company believes that the FAS investigation will confirm equal opportunities for all developers in the App Store.

An investigation by the Federal Antimonopoly Service will confirm the equal opportunity for all developers to succeed in the App Store, Apple believes. The company stated that the complaints of Kaspersky Lab that led to the investigation are related to the fact that the developers did not update the parental control application of Kaspersky Safe Kids in accordance with the new recommendations.

We recently updated our guidelines for parental control apps because the technology they use can have serious consequences for the privacy and security of user data. We worked with Kaspersky Lab to help them align their application, but they have not yet provided any updates. Other parental control application developers using the same mobile device management technology, including Our Pact and Qustodio, have been approved and are currently available on the App Store.

Apple comment

On August 8, the FAS filed a lawsuit against Apple due to a violation of competition law. Kaspersky Lab contacted the department. According to the developers, Apple deliberately rejected the parental control program Kaspersky Safe Kids (KSK) to launch its own production of Screen Time similar in features.

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