Severodvinsk authorities reported a short-term surge in radiation after an explosion at a military training ground

The gulf of Dvina was closed for free swimming.

Severodvinsk authorities confirmed that after the explosion and fire at a military training ground near the village of Nyonoksa, the radiation background was briefly exceeded. It is reported by News29.

From 11:50 to 12:30, a decrease in the radiation background began. As of 14:00, the readings of the sensors do not exceed 0.11 microsievert per hour with a maximum allowable 0.6 microsievert per hour. The radiation background in Severodvinsk is normal.

In the territories of city-forming enterprises having production facilities with a radiation factor, the background remained unchanged.Valentin MagomedovHead of the Civil Protection Department of the Administration of Severodvinsk

The administration of the seaports of the Western Arctic for a month closes for free navigation the area of ​​the Dvina Bay of the White Sea, where an explosion occurred at a military facility.

This information was confirmed to Fontanka by the head of the shipping support department Mikhail Tsvetkov and the deputy captain of the seaport of Arkhangelsk Sergey Kozub.

The area was closed by the military, for what reason, I do not know.Mikhail TsvetkovHead of the Department of Navigation Support of the Seaports of the Western Arctic

On August 2, the Russian Ministry of Defense warned of missile launches and the closure of part of the Barents Sea from August 7 to 10. This navigation warning has not yet been canceled.

An explosion and fire occurred on August 8 at a military training ground near the village of Nenoksa, Arkhangelsk Region . The Ministry of Defense confirmed the death of two people. An emergency occurred during a test of a liquid propulsion system.

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