Satellite operator OneWeb has withdrawn an application for frequency allocation in Russia. The company plans to submit it again

Earlier, the FSB expressed concern that satellites could be used for espionage purposes.

The British satellite operator OneWeb has withdrawn the request for allocation of frequencies for Internet connection in Russia. According to the company’s website, this was done to supplement it in accordance with the requirements of Russian law.

OneWeb representatives noted that the previous application was filed in 2017, but since then the Russian government has made adjustments to some legislative standards. After entering the necessary information, the company plans to submit it again.

On October 24, 2018, the FSB opposed the launch of OneWeb satellite Internet. The spokesman said the technology poses a threat to national security, as it can be used for intelligence.

On July 29, Oleg Ivanov, Deputy Minister of Communications, stated that all members of the State Commission on Radio Frequencies (SCRC) opposed the allocation of OneWeb frequencies. Experts suggest that the FSB could become a cause of failure because of the possibility of espionage.

OneWeb is a project that plans to launch several hundred satellites in order to provide all the inhabitants of the planet with high-speed Internet. The company received billions of dollars in investments from Coca-Cola, Bharti, Airbus Group and many others. According to the plan, the project will be completed by 2027.

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