Russian Defense Ministry to create anti-hacker units to combat cyber threats

Only officers with technical education will be able to get into them.

The Russian Ministry of Defense plans to create special units to combat cyber threats. This is written by Izvestia with reference to representatives of the Ministry of Defense.

According to the sources of the publication, the army has already developed software that will create a multi-level security system. It is also reported that companies for localizing network threats are already working in communication teams. According to experts, the new system will provide the maximum level of access to the military Internet.

In ordinary life, we are engaged in the security of our network, fighting with DoS attacks. The same problems exist in the army. Perhaps they have their own specifics. The military is usually quite conservative in terms of introducing new technologies. Therefore, it is very good that this time they are ahead of the curve.

German Klimenko Chairman of the Board, Digital Economy Development Fund

Izvestia emphasized that conscript soldiers would not be able to enter the cyber army. The units will be exclusively recruited officers with special higher technical education.

In March 2019, the Ministry of Defense announced plans to create an independent Internet network for the military. The army is committed to creating a closed, high-speed digital network for the exchange of information. It is called multiservice transport communications network (MTCC). It is assumed that the first stage will be completed by the end of 2019, and it is planned to complete the project in two years.

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