Actor Danny Trejo helps save a child from an upturned car

One of the most famous Hollywood “villains” witnessed the accident and did not pass by.

Danny Trejo helped pull out a child who could not get out of an inverted car on his own. The Hollywood actor, known mainly for his “villainous” roles, witnessed an accident in Los Angeles and did not stand aside.

According to CNN, two cars collided on the highway, after which one of them turned over. There was a child in the car fastened to the child seat. Trejo climbed through the broken window and pulled out the child with the help of another witness who helped with the seat belt.

The child with other injured was taken to the hospital – nothing threatens their life. After the incident, the 75-year-old Trejo emphasized the importance of helping other people: “Everything good that happened to me in life is the result of helping someone. That’s all. ”

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