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Photojacks: Quentin Tarantino on tours in the Kremlin

The arrival of the famous director in Moscow presented pictures suitable for jokes and photoshop battles.

Hereinafter – a photo of Valery Sharifulin, TASS

On August 6, Quentin Tarantino arrived in Moscow for the Russian premiere of his film Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood. The director devoted his free evening to tours of the Kremlin – it was personally conducted by the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky for the American.

According to TASS, almost no one recognized Tarantino on Red Square. It is reported that the director “was delighted with the Tsar Cannon and even rubbed the Tsar Bell for good.” Tarantino also asked what needs to be done to be buried in the Kremlin. The author of “Pulp Fiction” and “Mad Dogs” were told that for this you need to be at least a member of the royal family.

TASS published photos from the Tarantino tour. In many pictures, the director thoughtfully examines the exhibits – and his expression on his face became a joke.

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