Kazakh authorities have suspended the introduction of a cybersecurity certificate. They were accused of organizing surveillance

Operators threatened deterioration of communication in case of refusal to install the certificate.

The Kazakh authorities have stopped the introduction of the Qaznet Trust Network Internet Security Certificate, which supposedly allows you to monitor traffic on mobile devices. According to Reuters, the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan called the incident a test that ended and everyone can delete the certificate.

President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev said on Twitter that the check was carried out on his behalf to find out if this would cause any inconvenience to users.

The government tried to implement the certificate through major mobile operators. They warned users that in case of refusal to install the certificate, owners of SIM cards may have communication problems. Law enforcement authorities said that the certificate is necessary to protect against cyber threats.

Kazakh lawyers condemned the actions of authorities and mobile operators. After sending out notifications, lawsuits were filed against the three largest operators in the country indicating that restricting Internet access is against the law. It is also indicated that the installed certificate allows you to intercept various data, bypassing the encryption used in e-mail and instant messengers.

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