In “It 2”, child actors were rejuvenated using computer graphics. In two years they have grown too much

This laid a separate item in the budget picture.

The Ono 2 team had to use computer graphics to rejuvenate the child actors in the sequel, because they grew too much in the two years of shooting the picture. Finn Wulfard has changed the most – he has become too tall. The director of “It” and “It 2” Andres Musketti told about this in an interview with SyFy.

The sequel takes place 20 years after the end of the first film, but there will be flashbacks with new scenes in the picture. Because of this, child actors should look like in the first part, but in two years they have changed too much.

From the very beginning, we knew that visual effects to solve the problem of [growing up children] would become part of the budget. We are going to rejuvenate them.

Andres Muschetti director “It” and “It 2”

Musketti also said that the second part is not only based on books by Stephen King, but also received an exclusive scene from the writer. The director showed King the first draft of the script, and he made several edits, and then volunteered to write a completely new scene.

In addition, the director said that Jessica Chastain was called for the role of Beverly before the start of the production of the sequel. According to Muschetti, the plans always had two films: one about adults, and the other about children. The director discussed with the actress participation in the sequel even before the premiere of the first film.

The forecasts were good, so we started discussing the second film before the first one was released. And to some extent, unofficially, we showed the film to Jessica [Chastain].

Andres Muschetti

“It 2” starts in Russian cinemas on September 5.

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