Forbes: Apple will give security experts special iPhones to search for vulnerabilities

They will work on a weakened version of iOS.

Apple will give out special iPhones to cybersecurity experts to make it easier to find vulnerabilities. Devices will work on a more open version of the system, but experts will not get access to protected sections. This was reported by Forbes, citing its own sources.

According to the interlocutors of the publication, researchers will be able to see the result of an attack on devices at the code level. They will also be able to examine the processor and memory for vulnerabilities. At the same time, access to the system will remain limited – specialists will not be able to decrypt the smartphone firmware.

According to the publication, Apple plans to open a similar program to find errors in macOS. Details of the reward and other program details have not yet been disclosed.

According to Forbes, Apple will reveal the details of new programs on August 8 at the Black Hat information security conference. The head of the company for safety and engineering Ivan Krstic will speak at it.

Apple launched a vulnerability search program in 2016. It can be accessed only by invitation, and for detecting critical vulnerabilities, participants can receive up to 200 thousand dollars.

On January 19, 2019, a 14-year-old student, Grant Thompson, discovered an error in group calls to FaceTime. It allowed you to access the sound and video from the interlocutor’s device before he picked up the phone. The schoolboy for nine days tried to inform the company about the vulnerability, but could not do it. Apple fixed the bug only on February 1. The company spokesman thanked Thompson and stated that he was eligible for a reward under the Bug Bounty program.

In February 2019, 18-year-old Linus Hentze discovered an error in the system that allowed him to monitor passwords in macOS. He declined to disclose details of the vulnerability due to Apple’s reluctance to pay a fee.

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