Hyundai Sonata Hybrid got solar panels on the roof

Solar panels on the roof of a car are not an innovation. Light-powered panels were installed on the Prius and even the Volkswagen Phaeton. Today, Hyundai announced a similar option: solar panels will be installed on the hybrid Sonata Hybrid over the entire roof area. They promise that in a year these batteries will charge 1300 km. 

This is the first Hyundai concern with a similar option. So far, solar panels can be ordered for Sonata only in the USA. Depending on the weather, they will recharge the battery energy by 30-60%. Do not forget that this is a regular hybrid and the battery there is very tiny.

In addition to the electric motor, the Sonata Hybrid drives a 2-liter petrol aspirated. The total return of the power plant is 192 liters. with. The machine is equipped exclusively with a 6-speed “automatic”. In the future, it is planned to put solar panels on electric cars Hyundai. Later, probably, technology will get to Kia products.

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