The Brazilian drug lord pretended to be his 19-year-old daughter to escape from prison. He wanted to leave his daughter instead of himself.

The offender used for this silicone mask, wig and teenage clothes.

Mask and T-shirt, used to try to escape Photo: AP

Brazilian drug lord Clavino da Silva tried to escape from a Brazilian prison by pretending to be his daughter. According to The Guardian, for this the offender used teenage clothes, a silicone mask and a wig.

Silva wanted to escape on the day of his visits. It is assumed that instead of him his 19-year-old daughter should have remained in prison. According to the prison guards, Silva betrayed nervousness. Now the police is studying the actions of his daughter for possible involvement in the crime.

After an unsuccessful escape attempt, Silva was transferred to a high-security prison. Disciplinary sanctions will be applied to him.

According to The Guardian, Clavino da Silva has long been one of the high-profile criminals in the Red Team group. The criminal organization controlled drug trafficking in a large part of Rio de Janeiro. He was sentenced to 73 years and 10 months in prison.

This is not the first attempt to escape Silva. In February 2013, he escaped with 30 other prisoners through the sewer system. A month later, the police detained him and returned him to prison.

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