Photo: CCTV camera on a headless sculpture in St. Petersburg

The art project about the “theater of security”, which does not interfere with the criminals, but creates inconvenience for ordinary people.

On August 4, the sculpture at the historic Kirillovs’ apartment building in St. Petersburg was turned into an art object “Scarecrow”. The author of Lonesome_Grass installed a surveillance camera instead of the head of the statue, dedicating the installation to the illustrative “theater of security”, which cannot be prevented by real intruders.

Modern society is obsessed with security. Surveillance cameras, metal detectors, random inspection – but does all this security make any sense, can it stop intruders and vandals? Obviously not.

This contrived defense is intended to inspire respect and fear, but, like a garden scarecrow, it is capable of scaring only birds. This entire security theater only creates significant inconvenience to ordinary citizens, but does not prevent intruders and serves as a means of violence in the hands of the authorities.Lonesome_Grass

Kirillov’s apartment building was erected in 1908. In 2017, a 27-year-old man blew his head off the statue – later the police found part of a sculpture in his apartment. Despite the discovery, the head was never returned to its place.

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