Design firm asked artists to rethink the concept of cybersecurity in stock photos

They are tired of the mysterious programmers in the hoods and lines of code in the style of "The Matrix".

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Design firm OpenIDEO has announced a competition for original, informative and understandable images related to the concept of cyber security. According to the company, stock images for the request of “cybersecurity” have become too monotonous and stereotypical – either the mysterious guy is sitting at the keyboard, or a lock hangs on the background of the code lines.

Competition organizers recognize that the concept of cybersecurity, covering hacks, data leaks and privacy, is difficult to visualize. Therefore, OpenIDEO will award the authors of the best works: five winners will receive 7 thousand dollars, and another 25 participants – 500 dollars each. Each artist will provide a mentor for the design.

Too often, the visualization of cyberspace reflects the surface level of understanding, formed under the influence of the media, chasing sensations.

We see images of castles, white men in sweatshirts or green zeros and ones that do little to convey information about this complex and incredibly important topic.

from the OpenIDEO statement

Under the terms of the competition, all the images of the winners will be available for free use. Citizens of Canada, USA, Great Britain, China, Germany, Spain and France can participate in the competition. Russia is not included in the list of countries.

Sample images for the query “cybersecurity”.

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