Create your own cloud storage. Instruction

Forget Dropbox and Google Drive.

The topic of cloud storage in recent years has interested many active users of computers and mobile devices. Each of us has accounts in Dropbox, Google Drive, Cloud, Yandex Disk and a number of similar repositories.

While the service developers are fighting among themselves, not allowing us to choose the ideal solution , I propose to organize your cloud and forget about other alternatives.

Why do I need my own cloud?

Its cloud storage has a number of advantages and only a few drawbacks with which you can get along. First, the advantages of this solution:

  • no tariff plans, limits and payments;
  • transferring any files between devices and streaming data on any device;
  • no files will be uploaded to third-party servers;
  • You can create links for limited access to files (provide temporary access or allow only reading);
  • just cool to mention in a conversation with friends that you have your own cloud storage.

It will be possible to forget about existing services and stop inviting new friends when the free space in the Dropbox or Yandex Disk ends. Of course, its own cloud has a number of limitations compared to popular solutions:

  • it will not be possible to transfer data between applications (some programs and games have support for popular clouds, our cloud will not be able to be screwed in there);
  • have to keep the server computer on to access data from the cloud.

As you can see, the disadvantages of the solution are not so significant, you can create your own cloud for personal purposes, and if you need to exchange data between applications on the iPhone or always have access to certain data, an existing account in the same Dropbox or Google Drive is always useful.

What do I need to create my cloud?

  • any computer that will act as a server;
  • account in the Tonido service;
  • 5 minutes of free time.

For many, it may be a problem to have a permanent server computer. Any stationary Mac or PC that acts as a media server in an apartment or can simply be regularly turned on will do.

You can also use a laptop, but while working away from the wall outlet you will have to stop the cloud server in order to save battery power and network traffic. At this time, view data from other devices will not work.

I’m ready to do what?

To get started, go to the website of the Tonido service and download the free application for your operating system (choose the section with server programs). There are versions for OS X, Windows and Linux . 

After installing the program, we will automatically be transferred to the site of the service, register and create your account. The procedure is completely free and does not take more than a minute. In the process, we will come up with a permanent web address for our repository (it will act as a login) and a password for authorization. 

An important step is the choice of folders accessible from the outside. If you skip this step, then when connecting from another device, you can view and edit absolutely any files from the server computer.

At any time through the web interface in the Miscellaneous section, you can add or delete folders visible in the cloud.

How to use the cloud now?

When the setup is complete, you can try to access data from any other device, for this there are several options:

  • You can simply log in to your account through a browser and access files;
  • for mobile devices, you can download a free application (there are versions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS );
  • for the computer there is an opportunity to install the client program .

A link like https: //* will be permanent and you can always access the data from the server computer (of course, when it is turned on and has an Internet connection).

What opportunities does my cloud have?

The possibilities of a free account in Tonido are almost endless. You can view the entire list on a special page . For personal use, most of us have enough of this. Corporate customers can still get a whole car of useful chips , but you have to pay for it.


Through the mobile application on the iPhone and iPad, you can:

  • upload any file from or to a computer;
  • view movies or TV shows without downloading to the device;
  • listen to a music collection, turning the client application into a cloud player;
  • save any data to work with them offline.

Customers for desktop operating systems have similar capabilities and are not inferior to solutions from cloud services. You can set up a permanent synchronization to have copies of all the shared files.

How to make limited access for specific users?

Special mention deserves the mode of granting limited access. To give someone the right to view certain data, go to the web interface. Here we open any of the available folders and click on the wrench icon.

Select the Shared folder section and open the Advanced options .

Here you can create an account with limited rights or set a time limit, after the specified date the files on the generated link will not be available.

Here is a series of weighty arguments has its own cloud. Now any data will always be with you without conditionality and limitations.

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