Cloudflare will stop serving 8chan. Earlier, the shooter from El Paso published his manifesto on the imageboard

Cloudflare CEO called the site a “cesspool of hate.”

Cloudfare security provider, which helps to deal with DDoS attacks, will stop providing 8chan imageboard services after shooting El Paso. This was announced by Cloudfare CEO Matthew Prince on his blog.

On August 3, 21-year-old Patrick Crusius opened fire at a Walmart supermarket. 20 people died, another 26 were injured. Shortly before the shooting, Crusius published a manifesto on 8chan, where he expressed solidarity with Breton Harris Tarrant, who staged an attack on a mosque in New Zealand Christchurch. Tarrant also published his manifesto on 8chan.

8chan owners have already been notified of the termination of the site. Cloudfare will cease to provide services on August 5 at 10:00 Moscow time. Representatives of 8chan did not comment on the situation.

The shooter from El Paso specifically noted the incident in Christchurch and was probably inspired by the discussions at 8chan, where they glorified the previous massacre. A suspect of shooting at a synagogue in the California city of Poway also published an open-hatred “open letter” on 8chan. Imageboard has repeatedly recommended itself as a cesspool of hate.Matthew PrinceCloudfare CEO

8chan founder Frederick Brennan (Fredrick Brennan) thanked Cloudflare for stopping the maintenance of the site: “Finally, this nightmare will end.” Brennan broke ties with the imageboard in December 2018.

“Unfortunately, our actions will not affect the hate on the network. Most likely, it will not remove 8chan from the Internet. But we made the right decision, ”said Prince.

Cloudflare had previously stopped servicing sites. In 2017, the company refused toserve the Daily Stromer, a neo-Nazi forum whose users denied the Holocaust. The site is still in effect – its competitors took the place of Cloudflare.

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