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French inventor from the second attempt crossed the English Channel on a jet hoverboard

His flight was broadcast by French television channels.

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August 4, the author of a jet hoverboard, Frenchman Franky Zapata (Franky Zapata) made a successful flight across the English Channel on his invention. The entire flight was broadcast by French television channels on the air and lasted about 20 minutes – during this time Zapata traveled about 35 kilometers.

The first attempt of such a flight was made by the inventor on July 25, but that time it was unsuccessful: in the middle of the route the Frenchman fell into the water.

Zapata showed his invention to the public in 2016. The French authorities initially forbade him to fly, but later met him halfway, and in the summer of 2019 he took part in a military parade on the Champs Elysees on Bastille Day.

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