Because of the shooting in a Texas supermarket killed 20 people. Incident investigated as hate crime

Another 26 people were injured.
On August 3, 21-year-old Patrick Crusius from Dallas opened fire at a Walmart supermarket in Texas El Paso. According to preliminary data, 20 people died, another 26 were injured.

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According to local police chief Greg Allen, the attack will be investigated as a hate crime. Shortly before the shooting, Crusius published a manifesto in social networks, where he expressed solidarity with Breton Harris Tarrant, who staged an attack on mosques in New Zealand Christchurch in protest against “foreign domination.”

Most of the population of El Paso, located on the border with Mexico, is Hispanic.

“This man is an American hero. During the mass shooting in El Paso, he acted to save as many children as possible and used his legitimate weapon to help. This man represents all that is good in this country. ”

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