Rumors: Apple notebooks will get 5G module in 2020

According to Digitimes, Apple will launch laptops with support for 5G networks in 2020. This will happen in the second half of the year. Ceramic antennas will be used to ensure stable communications, sources say. The Digitimes resource usually spreads accurate information, but it’s still worth taking it with a bit of skepticism.

The fact is that Apple plans in 2020 to release smartphones with a 5G modem, while laptops with similar features look quite unusual. At least for this company.

According to Digitimes, the use of ceramic antennas approximately doubles the signal quality. But the cost will be higher than for ordinary components – about six times. However, Apple is always perceived as a premium brand. And the questions from consumers of “apple” technology are unlikely to arise, even if it is more expensive.

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