Pentagon freezes tender for $ 10 billion due to Amazon

The US military temporarily froze a tender for a $ 10 billion government contract because of Amazon’s participation in it. The reason is that Jeff Bezos’s company can win it, and now it is under the scrutiny of regulators: Amazon is suspected of dominating the market for some services.

The 10 billion contract involves choosing a cloud computing and data storage service provider. The Pentagon intends to choose a single company for the program, called JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud). JEDI plans to move massive Pentagon data volumes into commercial “clouds”.

The program will allow competing with China in the field of military AI, IBM and Oracle participated in the tender, but for a number of reasons they were removed from the list, leaving only Microsoft and Amazon. Earlier, Google wanted to take part in the fight for the contract, but in the fall of 2018 it refused because of its own principles. It was also reported that the search giant will not be able to fulfill some of the points requirements.

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