Internet is agitated: a streamer and really earned a billion dollars?

The world has long gone mad, so even the most unbelievable news is sometimes perceived as being wonderful, but quite real. There is such a streamer – Ninja. A 28 year old guy plays Fortnite at his pleasure and until today has been the most popular Twitch tape drive. Rumor has it that just that “Ninja” got rich by almost a billion dollars.

The point is this. With Twitch streamer, Microsoft lured away to its own streaming service called Mixer. The amount of the transaction is not officially disclosed. But unofficially … In general, a tweet allegedly appeared on the network from a specialized journalist who says that Ninja and Microsoft signed a contract worth $ 932 million for six years.

Once again: the guy will get almost a billion dollars for showing his subscribers to Mixer how he plays online shooter. It sounds too unbelievable. And despite the surges of surprise on the Internet, it’s not like that. Upon closer examination of the issue, it turned out that the source that disseminated the information is a newly created parody account.

However, the amount of the transaction should still be huge. If only because Ninja easily earns $ 500 thousand, and once even received a million dollars from EA for one streaming game Apex Legends. So yes, the world went crazy anyway.

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