Created a petition to invite “exciting” Keanu Reeves to Belarus

An unusual petition appeared on : the author wants to invite Keanu Reeves to our country. After all, in a recent action movie, the actor played a Belarusian – which means you can come here.

Reeves is a long-time favorite of the public, and he also has a very open-minded reputation, despite being a Hollywood star. In the fresh blockbuster “John Wick 3” the main character, a hired killer, suddenly turns out to be a native of Belarus.

“It will be unfair if Jordani never returns to his homeland and does not meet with his compatriots, ” notes the author of the petition. “ But the famous actor will be pleasantly surprised at how many fans are waiting for him to say:“ Keanu, you’re breathtaking! ” [The phrase is a reference to the E3 conference. – Approx].

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