What to do if the iPhone does not play a speaker after headphones

After disconnecting the wired headset from the iPhone SE, the sound through the speaker does not play. The control panel shows the connection to the headset, what should I do? 
– Oleg

This problem happens when a malfunction or malfunction of the 3.5 mm connector on the smartphone.

This may be due to the wear of this element, incorrect removal of the headset or moisture ingress into the port.

You cannot programmatically switch from a wired headset to a speaker. Only when making a call is it possible to choose a speaker for a conversation.

To solve the problem, try:

1. Connect a wireless headset to your smartphone and select it as a sound source in the control panel. After that, turn off the headset or just turn off Bluetooth.

2. Try to reconnect and disconnect the wired headset. Carefully insert and remove the plug, possibly responsible for switching the mode, the contacts will open and the sound will switch to the speaker.

3. If there was a chance of moisture getting into the smartphone, dry the device well and carefully remove the remaining moisture from the 3.5 mm plug using cotton swabs.

If all this does not help “disconnect” the iPhone from the headset, you should contact the service center. Most likely, you will need to replace the audio connector.

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