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Volleyball players and cheerleaders

When the difference between 179 and 180 centimeters of growth is too obvious.

From 2017 on Reddit occasionally diverges photo with the title “basketball players and their cherlidershi”. The picture shows five girls, while two of them are much lower than the rest – they do not reach their friends even to the shoulder. Moreover, the head of the blonde on the right is somewhere at the level of the elbow of a dark-skinned athlete.

In late July, the photo again appeared in social networks. At the same time in one American blog noted that the picture diverges in an already edited form. An anonymous commentator put a more realistic option and said that the picture was not basketball, but volleyball. And the difference in height with cheerleaders is not so critical

Similar girls really managed to be found in the 2016 UC Berkeley volleyball team. According to statistical data of the season, the growth of female athletes in the photo is from 188 to 193 centimeters.

At the same time, the SB Nation publication notes that the growth of cheerleaders in American universities rarely exceeds 160 centimeters, and sometimes there are even girls below 152 cm. Therefore, such photos often look unrealistic and without photoshop.

So, for example, it was released in 2014, when the basketball players of the University of Kentucky Alyssa Rice (left, 190 cm) and Ivan Yakubtsov (198 cm) published their picture with cheerleaders from their high school. Those, too, did not reach their shoulders.

And from a certain angle, a huge difference in height can be seen even during the NBA games. In July, the Senegalese Taco Fall made its debut in the summer league (231 cm), which became the highest player in the championship. In social networks, his photo spread out with team-mate Carson Edvardos, who can hardly be called small: his height is 182 centimeters.

Anyway, the snapshot of cheerleaders and volleyball players of the University of Berkeley became the basis for the photoshop battle . Someone played up a big difference in height, and someone, on the contrary, tried to “restore justice”.

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