Started season 10 in Fortnite. What’s new

Epic Games solemnly announced the launch of Fortnite season 10. The game has a lot of new things, and some mechanics have corrected.

Caution. Some innovations can break the balance of the game, as it was before.

What’s new

BRUTE (BRUTE) – a giant mechanical robot, simultaneously controlled by two players. One player can also use it, but the two of them are more fun: the first one controls the robot, the second one shoots a shotgun or a rocket launcher.

The faults are anomalous zones scattered throughout the map. They may look different from each other, different loot, plus they can change the appearance of the characters.

Missions in a combat pass are a series of tasks related to each other by a mini-storyline, for which combat stars, experience and cosmetic rewards are given.

Changes in the map – anomalous zones appeared in which old sections of the map from past seasons appear. For example, the Old Warehouse, previously destroyed by a meteorite.

New modes of the arena – with the launch of this season in the arena matches are held for singles and teams of three players. Rating points are updated, accrued by the new system. More than hundreds of awards and ratings.

What was removed

• sharohok 
• quadromet 
• flint pistol 
• shadow bomb 
• semi-automatic sniper rifle 
• tactical automatic 
• turret 
• air strike 
• guided glider opening

The company also corrected a number of errors, added new animations, reworked some sounds, added the Battle Map to the Repetition System and much more. You can view the full list of innovations at this link .

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