On the Huawei smartphones will appear the Russian operating system Aurora

By the end of 2019, some Huawei smartphones will work on the Aurora operating system .

Mikhail Mamonov, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications, told Kommersant that the decision to use Aurora was made at the level of state leaders .

I have no doubt that the pilot can be launched before the end of the year, and on some Huawei devices in some format the Russian operating system will appear.

– Mikhail Mamonov

For whom these smartphones will be intended is unknown. It is possible that we are talking about business phones for officials, which Rostelecom has long wanted to implement.

For the first time about the possible cooperation of Huawei and Rostelecom, which owns Aurora, it became known in early June. Then the minister of digital development, communications and information Konstantin Noskov suggested that Huawei move to Aurora and transfer part of the production to Russia .

Aurora is developed by Rostelecom based on the operating system Sailfish OS. By its capabilities, it lags behind iOS and Android. [ Kommersant ]

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