Infinity Ward unveiled Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer trailer

Studio Infinity Ward previously announced the restart of the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The single is divided into two parts. In one, you will be able to appear in the image of a special forces officer, in the second – a rebel from the Middle East. According to the scenario, this will allow to look at the conflict from two points of view.

During the presentation, representatives of the studio noted that the modern world has become much more complicated and multifaceted than at the time of the release of the original Modern Warfare in 2007. This will be reflected in the new game. The release of the game is scheduled for October 25th. It will be possible to cross.

In multiplayer, will get a place of physics shooting bullets and knocking out doors. There will be night maps where you will have to use night-vision goggles to see the enemy.

All add-ons will be free, but first come out for PS4. One of the versions of the game will have a night vision device.

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