In Russia, they advised me to seal the camera and microphone of the laptop with tape

Chess, careless laptop owners! Now there are no arguments ridiculing users who stick the cameras of their devices. Moreover, microphones also need something to close. It is desirable tape. These are the recommendations of the national quality monitoring system Russian Roskachestvo.

“If you don’t want to become a victim of a cybercriminal, besides the fact that an anti-virus and updated software must be installed on your computer, you should still stick a camera and a microphone on demand. This will increase your chances of privacy and tranquility: even if a hacker connects to you, he will not see and hear you, ”theorganization advises.

Yes, they do not deny that such a recommendation looks paranoid, but “many still close the front door for several turns, even when at home.” And the deputy head of Roskachestvo, Ilya Loevsky, does believe that the sealing of the camera and microphones in our time is not paranoia, but one of the rules of “digital hygiene” and the law, ignorance of which does not release from responsibility.

“All you need to do is stick a piece of opaque tape or tape. It is better to use the latter, since traces of glue will remain after removing the adhesive tape, ”experts share their experience. The most advanced users can buy special curtains for the camera.

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